Increasing Marketing ROI

Amy Gallo, of the Harvard Business Review[i], uses the following equation to quantify Marketing ROI: The main vaguery here is the definition of “Incremental Financial Value Gained as a Result of the Marketing Investment”. “Cost of the Marketing Investment” is certainly more easily quantified.  But that aside, and assuming we agree with the approach (which I do) there are ONLY three ways to improve your Marketing ROI: Improve the Incremental… Read More »Increasing Marketing ROI

Driving Value from Day One

TAOS was custom-built to help our clients align user experience and customer journeys to finely tuned processes and workflows, by delivering campaign execution as a service. As technology enabled customers demand ever increasing, frictionless, and social-driven experiences, you need to be able to adapt to their needs in as close to real-time as you can. The ability to do that, with predictable frequency and outcomes, is now the difference between success… Read More »Driving Value from Day One