Data Transformation

It’s All About The Data

I challenged myself and my team at a $1BN retailer to find these answers in the midst of the harrowing 2007-09 recession and we came out not just alive, but profitable, stronger and with superior vendor relationships than ever before.¬†Below I have provided some high level observations from this period and what that journey looked like. AI, Machine Learning (ML), Predictive Models, Algorithmns and so on, all these analytics that… Read More »It’s All About The Data

Top Challenges with Data Transformation

As organizations move towards being increasingly data-driven in their decision making, taking a structured and strategic approach toward data collection and data analysis becomes much more important in generating key insights for the organization. Our research has shown the four most prevalent challenges for marketers working on data transformation. Problem Identification : It is common for organizations to focus on a technology refresh as a means for solving a problem.… Read More »Top Challenges with Data Transformation

Digital Transformation

We believe that while a marketing transformation is only a part of a much broader, and desperately needed, transformation for the whole organization, the easily identifiable market-driven demands for change and the ability to show real returns quickly, makes marketing a perfect place to start. And there’s no time like now to get it going! 1) Experiential transformation : The heart of any transformation is the delivery of friction-less experience… Read More »Digital Transformation