Driving Value from Day One

TAOS was custom-built to help our clients align user experience and customer journeys to finely tuned processes and workflows, by delivering campaign execution as a service. As technology enabled customers demand ever increasing, frictionless, and social-driven experiences, you need to be able to adapt to their needs in as close to real-time as you can.

The ability to do that, with predictable frequency and outcomes, is now the difference between success and failure.

Our goals:

  • Deliver measurable, attributable and Immediate value to our customers from Day 1
  • Help our clients build new marketing organizations focused on successful, repeatable and scalable processes and workflows.
  • Reduce costs and shorten time-to-market for campaign execution and technology deployment
  • Decrease the ratio of marketing dollar spent to incremental dollar of revenue

There are many ways to add value but to add the most value the quickest, we searched for the real reasons that marketing organizations have significant problems achieving expected results with transformation efforts. It’s not the technology, there are multiple platforms that can enable the necessary functionality, though most marketing technologies are purchased in a reactive, piece-meal way today.

A significant piece of the problem is organizations trying to work in new ways, but still using old workflows and processes, and the incredibly difficulty in finding qualified employees to operate, maintain and execute on the new platforms.

But since each of these components, buying the technology, re-designing process and workflow, and hiring credentialed resources require money, the highly complex problem resolved into a basic one for executive marketers:

“If I had the budget, I could make better long-term decisions on my marketing technologies, processes and workflows, and have more successful outcomes.”

So, the existential question for marketers becomes;

“How do I get, and keep getting, money in my budget for the things I need when I need it?”

The answer is straightforward. Show real ROI from your budget, and focus expenditures on the ventures that drive high ROI.

We recognized that if we want to help you from DAY 1 of working with us, we needed to help you do just that. So we created TAOSalpha, an ROI product built on our Campaign Contribution to Revenue (CCTR) methodology, and supported by easily implementable and executable processes for collaborating with Sales, Operations, Finance and Product Teams. And to make it better, we decided to include it as a FREE component of all our packages.

To find out more, or if you’re ready for a truly affordable partner that will help you improve marketing performance, achieve better campaign outcomes, deliver demonstrable ROI on your efforts, all while reducing costs, we’d love to have a conversation.


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