Digital Transformation

We believe that while a marketing transformation is only a part of a much broader, and desperately needed, transformation for the whole organization, the easily identifiable market-driven demands for change and the ability to show real returns quickly, makes marketing a perfect place to start. And there’s no time like now to get it going!

1) Experiential transformation : The heart of any transformation is the delivery of friction-less experience to the customers, the employees and all those who touch the brand phygitally. Experiential transformation touches upon the omni-channel experience and interactions across all the customer and employee facing platforms within the organization whether it is visual, auditory, speech or touch..

2) Process transformation : The mechanics of every transformation is Process transformation which involves the simplification and automation of internal and external journeys within the organization. As the complexity and cadence of interactions increase, so is there a necessity to constantly reevaluate journeys and tie them to outcomes.

3) Data transformation : Data transformation is a key component of this transformation process. A comprehensive end to end Data Management Platform needs to centralize core data that is available to all systems with a flexible transformation approach. We are seeing the emergence of headless and integration platforms-of-service for this very need, transforming legacy monolithic systems to the modern modular platforms of today.

4) People transformation / Upskilling : Learning on the job is no longer enough to sustain the pace of change within an organization in the throes of transformation. There has to be a clear will to invest in upskilling and learning of employees to ready themselves to support the organization in this critical venture. 

5) Security : As is oft repeated, Data is the most valuable currency in the world. With the sophistication of digital today, the sophistication of attacks have also increased dramatically. Unfortunately, systems that have been built in the past have had lax security processes. This is evidenced by the plethora of attacks of firms resulting in huge amounts of data being exposed by hackers. Subsequent measures such as GDPR place a premium on “Security by Design” however a critical need of the organization is to ensure that there is an overhaul of their security processes.

In summary, A multi-layer focus in addition to moving the culture of the organization towards a focus on a clear and bold vision buffeted by constant learning, a robust feedback cycle, constant experimentation and agile delivery brings in huge dividends to the organization. Lets unpack some of these areas over the next few articles

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