Retail Transformation

Be Brave, Trust your Customers, Fail Fast and Often

It’s our human nature to stick to what we know. Change is a threat, even in the face of overwhelming data that screams we must change (Climate Change anyone), making that change is entirely a different story.  While we need fortitude to change, not every change needs to be a matter of life and death, some, and indeed many changes are seeing and taking an opportunity. Apple is one such… Read More »Be Brave, Trust your Customers, Fail Fast and Often

It’s All About The Data

I challenged myself and my team at a $1BN retailer to find these answers in the midst of the harrowing 2007-09 recession and we came out not just alive, but profitable, stronger and with superior vendor relationships than ever before. Below I have provided some high level observations from this period and what that journey looked like. AI, Machine Learning (ML), Predictive Models, Algorithmns and so on, all these analytics that… Read More »It’s All About The Data

Retail Transformation

The news of retail’s death is greatly exaggerated. Despite the flurry of retail major retailers that have filed for bankruptcy or experiencing their own period of austerity by  the of closing stores (AC Moore, Abercrombie & Fitch, Aerosoles, The Children’s Place, Forever 21, to name a few) the so-called Retail Apocalypse is, both exaggerated and happily, totally survivable.  Even with the dominance of Amazon, there are big box retailers, who… Read More »Retail Transformation