Aditya Pandurangan

Cybersecurity for SMB’s in the age of COVID

99% of the businesses in the US are small businesses, over 93% of these affected by covid. Prior to Covid, 80% of the US small businesses were not taking advantage of the digital tools, however, the impact of the landscape is shifting firmly and the new normal includes an almost overnight  need to either digitize or shutdown besides major shifts in business strategy and services, new revenue models  such as subscriptions  and fulfillment channels… Read More »Cybersecurity for SMB’s in the age of COVID

Simplification, Consolidation and Rationalization Part 2 – Modernization

In my previous post, I wrote about the challenges faced by Technology and Marketing as the organization embarks on digital transformation. The link to the post is here .   For serious transformation to occur, Technology needs to transform from being perceived as a cost center to becoming a change enabler for the organization. Similarly, Marketing has a very important role, to educate and add value to customers, partners and employees in every… Read More »Simplification, Consolidation and Rationalization Part 2 – Modernization

Simplification, Consolidation and Rationalization – A Shared benefit for Technology and Marketing

As organizations embark on digital transformation, oftentimes it feels like Technology is from Mars and Marketing from Venus. A typical day for marketing involves a gamut of activities such as PR, SEO/SEM, ABM, Networking, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing among others. Their metrics center around MQL’s, SQL’s, conversion rates, brand awareness, CAC, LTV etc. On the other hand, Technology has its hands full with constant upkeep of the entire technology… Read More »Simplification, Consolidation and Rationalization – A Shared benefit for Technology and Marketing

AEM as a Cloud Service – Adobe’s strategy for experiential dominance

Adobe’s new AEM as a Cloud service on the face of it is the next inevitable step for the experience behemoth in its quest to deliver an experiential revolution through its platform for its customers. Let’s unpack this a little bit more: Changes for Customers :  1) Better integration of their Tech Stack for Marketing and Technology : A key challenge for customers with a growing adobe stack has always been… Read More »AEM as a Cloud Service – Adobe’s strategy for experiential dominance

The Future of Immersive Experiences

We live in an age of accelerating disruptive technologies, where the blistering pace of innovation drives change every instant in a dizzying array of technological breakthroughs that culminate in sometimes enriching, but certainly changing, our lives, some overtly and some in the background. One area that has seen significant advancement over the years is Human Computer Interaction (HCI) which has emerged as a central area of focus in delivering digitally… Read More »The Future of Immersive Experiences

Top Challenges with Data Transformation

As organizations move towards being increasingly data-driven in their decision making, taking a structured and strategic approach toward data collection and data analysis becomes much more important in generating key insights for the organization. Our research has shown the four most prevalent challenges for marketers working on data transformation. Problem Identification : It is common for organizations to focus on a technology refresh as a means for solving a problem.… Read More »Top Challenges with Data Transformation

Digital Transformation

We believe that while a marketing transformation is only a part of a much broader, and desperately needed, transformation for the whole organization, the easily identifiable market-driven demands for change and the ability to show real returns quickly, makes marketing a perfect place to start. And there’s no time like now to get it going! 1) Experiential transformation : The heart of any transformation is the delivery of friction-less experience… Read More »Digital Transformation